October 2011

West Hawaii Woodturners
Minutes of October meeting 10/15/11

Meeting began a bit late at about 10:08 AM with VP Jack overseeing the meeting.  The first order of business was for everyone to turn up their hearing aids!

Introductions of new members and or guests:

Harold Boehm who has had a lathe for years and now has time to learn how to use it. (new member)

Gary Bech who has a powermatic in the northwestern mainland (I seem to recall)and is moving here and has a mini lathe here. (new member)

Kevin King a retired furniture maker attended to see what we do.


Steve Herbert picked up some malasadas, thank you Steve. There was a short discussion in the break room on how to make coffee, no one seemed to know how to make it with the machine at hand. Someone came forward and got it to work, maybe next meeting a few moments for a lesson. Next meeting our new member Kosuke Tamashiro volunteered to pick up some goodies. Thanks Kosuke.

Treasurers Report : $1720.32 in the bank plus $50.00 in checks

The ad in American Style magazine for the three spring shows  for Hawaii wood guild’s show on February 1st; the woodturning show in March; and the Hawaii Forestry Association show in April, cost us $193.50. I believe the circulation is about 100,000 which does not sound like much but it is to target a demographics. We took part in funding this ad to support and promote Hawaiin woodcrafts.

If anyone sells something please let the club know. So we can determine its success.

A short discussion about the Honolulu Symposium held October 22 & 23 Kelly was a presenter.

Keith Tomkins will be here on November 12 & 13 at the sharps’ shop in Honokaa For a map on how to get there see the web page and go to events. Check the map under Kip Christian’s demo in June which is the same location as Keith’s demo . The hands on the 13th is full, but the 12th is for all the cost is $25.00 bring your lunch and a chair. Starts at 9 am to 4 pm

A discussion on storing and transporting the video equipment. Jim is going to look into a design and some sort of system to store & raise the flat screen for viewing, maybe room for a future 2ed monitor for another camera. Jim has a idea in his mind.  I assume he will have a report on his design next meeting knowing Jim he will probably have a working model or graphical color sketches.

John donated a pick up body box to secure the rest of the equipment. It was felt one box may get too heavy for one person to carry all.

Kelly is working on the Demo by J Paul Finnell on April 7th and 8th 2012 check out his web site at http://www.jpaulfennell.com  more  info to come.

The Library is available for borrowing and is accepting any donations of books or videos

Was a discussion on having a box to hold our name tags so we don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring them to the meeting. I forgot to note what the result was. But it sounded like a good idea.

Show and Tell:


 was sporting a cowboy hat turned by Chris Ramsey from Kentucky made of wormy maple. He did some fancy trading which also include a miniature of the hat made from the inside of the hat (nested).All Kelly needs is the boots and a horse. Apparently Chris has a hat in the White House’s permanent collection.


 talked about his collaboration with John and how much PR we have gotten from Joe (editor of Woodturning magazine) for Hawaii woodturners. Greg  had a segmented genie vessel he will be turning over to John to do the finishing magic, let’s see if John can get Barbara Eden to pop out of it!  John has had a successful year entering wood shows this past year.


Showed his latest projects.  He has been looking at a Brian McAvoy video on ribbon bowls and is proud of his calabash ribbon bowl finished with a airbrush and random flows and colors. Looks good.      He did go into a major problem with a “power crafter” carving tool, it you are interested in buying one talk to Jim first!!!        


The Society of American Foresters 2011conference is being held in Honolulu the first week of November.  We will have our Tropical Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center (HTIRC) Booth featuring work made by several of our top Woodturners using Hawaiian woods that are the focus of our Center (Tropical headquarters in Hilo).  Turners and woods featured are: Gregg Smith, Cliff Johns, Tim Shafto, Dan DeLuz, Syd Vierra, Don Albrecht & John Mydock. Greg, Cliff, and Tim’s pieces are going on permanent display at Purdue University’s forestry department.


He and Tai Lake are working on a Emma Lake type gathering of artist (invitation only) which has happened by now.  Some of the items are on display at Cliff’s gallery from October 24th to November 18th and an auction on the 19th. Artists from Hawaii and the mainland will participate. They are hoping to make this a regular thing.


CHALLENGE:   something with a natural edge


Don        He tamed a “wild” guava burl into a nice bowl

Al     did a small Milo bowl

John      had a small piece of Kamani and did a snack board for sushi with a natural edge base

Ian     did a small offset Koa bowl

Steve     did a Milo bowl

Kelly     had a advanced winner with his Black Heart Mango bowl

Gerry    had a beginner winner with his redwood burl vessel

Bob    did a calabash bowl with a butterfly from Formosa Koa

Damian    did a Koa bowl with Tung oil finish

Jim  did a bowl in a oge shape bowl out of Pink Tacoma with a Turquoise blue dye and Lacquer.

Dale    did a barkless natural edge from a piece of Eucalyptus AKA Gum  (when you don’t have a dictionary handy) from Long Beach, CA

Greg did a shallow bowl

Kirstan     showed her  olive wood bowel which started out as a natural edge but finished differently.  We all have many of these. I use mine to plant orchids in them.

Lunch  break

Then Jack announced the next meeting will be on December 10th. The challenge is a turning with a carved element.

The meeting was turned over to Kelly, Jim and Greg to hone our sharpening skills. They  did a great clinic tag teaming as needed.

Jack lost control of the meeting at about 1:45 PM





Kelly’s hat

.Jim’s Ribbon bowls



Don’s wild burl


Ian’s offset bowl , John’s serving plate,  Bob’s  calabash  plus others



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