West Hawaii Woodturners
Minutes of April meeting 4/30/2016

Meeting was called to order by President Ralf Soderbergh.  


Guests:   Bruce Brooks

New Members: 

  • John Magee
  • Rob Woodward
  • Alan Parfinovics
  • Michael Angelo Conte

Treasurer’s Report:   Kelly Dunn reported the club has $3437.89 in the treasury.

 Next meeting:   June 25, 2016   Challenge is either carved feet or German ring.   Jack Mise will demonstrate box making.


 Invitation for Club Secretary:  Kirby Fritchman is retiring, volunteers are welcomed.

Get well wishes for Gunner Mench and Cliff Johns.

Show of hands decided to cancel Derek Weidman “hands on” session but arrange a demo on: Saturday, May 14 at PacRimGlass Building 10am to 4pm. Bring lunch and chair and $25.

Possible for September “hands on” by Betty Scarpino.

AAW Symposium in Portland. Wives and children activities (see AAW web guest privileges).

Gary Beck donated three DVDs by David Ellsworth for our library.

 Show and Tell:

  • Gary Beck showed several bowls turned from soap stone and alabaster.
  • Al Kober showed his hand-made guitar made of Hawaiian woods; plays very nice.
  • Jack Mise showed a variety of boxes of different shapes. Also a bowl from manila palm.
  • Kelly Dunn showed a bowl made from the same manila Palm as Jack showed.
  • Kelly Dunn showed a platter made from spalted tamarind finished with poly.
  • Ken Obenski showed a planer head for radial saws.
  •  Gregg Smith shared a story of a segmented urn he made 10 years ago but was stolen from an art store. Recently a person tracked Gregg down and called to say he had purchased that piece for $60 years ago and asked if Gregg would make another one for him. When Gregg informed the caller that the item had been stolen years ago, the caller hung up.
  •  Gregg Smith showed a natural edge winged bowl, with feet, from a milo branch.
  • Dick Roberts showed a bicycle wood-spoked wheel. Koa, alder, ash and carbon fiber.
  • Steve Herbert showed a bowl made from locust from Washington State.
  • Rick Loos showed end-grain bowl made from norfolk pine.
  • Ralf Soderberg showed a segmented lidded urn. 

Challenge :  “turning with a helical form segmented  item”

Ken Obenski – Three stems of helical form flower vases made from segments of sepeli, mango, and African tulip tree.  Inserts are laboratory glass tubes with “O” rings.

Jack Mise – Large segmented urn and a large segmented waste basket. Discussion followed regarding his trials and tribulations as he strived to get it right. He actually made 4 large segmented pieces to achieve the final entry.

Critique of Challenge turnings by Kelly Dunn:

Kelly Dunn critiqued the two entries and gave them both “attaboys”.

Challenge Winners:

Jack Mise – Intermediate

Ken Obenski – Advanced

Demonstration German Ring turning followed by carved feet:

Craig Mason provided a great demonstration of turning top and bottom profiles of an object, top profile on one side of a disk and bottom profile exactly matched on the other side of the disk. The disk is then cut into slices with band saw resulting in a three-dimensional object that is repeatable for the rest of the ring. Craig finished with another demonstration of carving feet on a vase.

Submitted by Kirby Fritchman

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