West Hawaii Woodturners
Minutes of February meeting 2/13/2016

Meeting was called to order by President Ralf Soderbergh.  


Visitors – 

  • Alan Parfinovics from Camas, Washington
  • Dave Morris from San Francisco bay area
  • Lance Rossington from Fraser Valley, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

New Members – 

  • Jim Harold
  • Varadaan

Next Meeting –  April 30, 2016
Challenge is segmented turning (helical attempt)
Craig Mason will Demonstrate “German ring technique”. 

Announcements – 

Invitation for Club Secretary:  Kirby Fritchman is retiring. President Ralf presented Kirby with a koa pen made by Jim Skibby.

WHW member list was discussed for distribution to all members. No objections for distribution.

AAW membership notice, great magazine.

A tabletop bandsaw was donated to the Club by Gerrit Van Ness.

John Mydock mentioned the 100 year anniversary of the National Parks.

Ken Obenski showed a 3/8 inch electric drill that will run 3000 rpms. Inexpensive at Walmart.

Gunner Mench mentioned he is waiting for the remaining volunteers to complete their milo projects for the canoe club before selling the items.

Cliff Johns will be demonstrating at the Honolulu Symposium.

April 30 Craig Mason demonstrating German ring technique.

May 14 and 15 Derek Weidman at Sharps shop for hands on session. Cliff Johns, Tom O’Connor, John Mydock and Jack Mise will participate.

Betty Scorpino demonstration HFIA about September 1.


Big Island Woodturners 18th annual exhibit March 4 through 31st.  
Monday  – Saturday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.
Woodturning Demonstrations every Saturday 10 am – 2 pm.
Wailoa Center, 200 Piopio St., Hilo, Hawaii.

Need Demonstrators for the show. Must be AAW members for insurance.

Treasurer’s Report – 

Kelly Dunn reported the club has $3445.00 in the treasury.

Show and Tell – 

Gary Beck showed bowl made from donated Chinese banyan with some spalting introduced.

Gary also showed a koa winged bowl. Both items were finished with water based wipe-on poly.

Jim Skibby showed a sandalwood bowl with an oil finish.

Jim also showed a myrtle lidded box with some texture added.

Kelly Dunn showed some wine bottle stoppers made from a variety of woods including palm roots. Kelly offered one of the stoppers for Jack Mise.  All finished with rattle can lacquer.

Steve Herbert showed an Alaskan white cedar bowl made with two pieces laminated together.

Visitor Lance Rossington showed a set of pens and stylus made from a variety of island woods.

Challenge :  “Platters”

  • Dick Roberts – mango platter finished with rattle can lacquer. 
  • John Mydock – “Koi Pond” platter with pyrography, under cut rim and aqua pond mirror finish.
  • Tom O’Connor – mahogany platter with green rim colored with alcohol dye. Finished with wax.
  • Jeff Machit – Walnut and maple platter finished with lacquer and wax.
  • Gary Beck – Cocobolo segmented platter finished with wipe-on poly.
  • Greg Smith – mango platter enhanced with pyrography of love birds.
  • Kelly Dunn – Bug holes in mango platter, sanding dust filled and finished with wax displayed on a koa stand.
  • Al Kober – Cedar platter enhance with a rosette. Finish is wipe-on poly.
  • Steve Herbert – koa lazy susan platter from reclaimed koa cabinet wood.
  • Rick Loos – white cedar platter finished with shellac.
  • Ralf Soderberg – three platters made from donated Chinese banyan complete with brew pub logo.  Also a koa platter with a natural edge.
  • Ken Obenski – segmented platter of scraps of hale koa, koa, tulip, china berry. Finished with spar varnish.
  • Dan Gerhart – mango platter enhanced with tropical design using black pen shading.
  • Jack Mise – African mahogany platter using eccentric chuck.

Challenge Winners – 

Jack Mise – Intermediate

Ken Obenski – Advanced

Jeff Machit – Master

Demonstration turning a helical form by Ken Obenski:

Ken demonstrated segments to form a circle then twisted slightly. Then CA was wicked in to hold and make a helix. Ken provided two finished vases with the helix pattern.

Critique of all turnings by Kelly Dunn:

Each item was critiqued by Kelly to view and point out where the piece would be improved. He explained what viewer should see and what they shouldn’t see when viewing the item, drawing the viewer’s eye into the piece and avoiding the eye wandering away from the piece. Thanks Kelly.

Submitted by Kirby Fritchman

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