West Hawaii Woodturners
Minutes of August meeting 08/15/2015

President Ralf Soderberg opened the meeting promptly at 10:00 am.


Guests:   No guests
New Member:  Angeline Kanehailua
Next meeting:  October 17, 2015
Challenge:  is eccentric turning
Demo by Tom O’Connor, three leg stool


Wood sale in parking lot.

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Possible Pro demonstrations. Dixie Briggs or Cynthia Gibson? By show of hands, Dixie Briggs.

Treasurer’s Report:  Kelly Dunn reported the club has $3963.21 in the treasury.

Show and Tell:

Dick Wagner showed two “old tool” items:
  –  a brace and bit with a universal joint extension and
  –  a mining plumb bob circa 1910 for mine surveys.

Kirby Fritchman showed a unique scissor with unknown purpose. Guess is a wick trimmer.

Ken Obenski showed a variable speed control for any motor, $4.00 on Amazon.

Kelly Dunn showed a spalted tamarind hollow form vase finished with CA glue.

Jim Skibby showed his black heart myrtle/ black walnut lidded box enhanced with beading tool.

Jack Mise showed his eccentric lidded box.

Steve Herbert showed his eccentric turning warning that the chuck has to be flat against the object.

Cliff Johns showed his progress on a new “Pod” turning and Q and A for details of how. Fascinating!

Challenge :  “Natural edge”

Gary Beck – Big Leaf Maple finished with oil and wax.
Jack Mise – Virtual bowl of virtual wood finished with virtual CA glue, five coats.
George Host – South American Salapote (sapote?) calabash.
Jerry Kotz – Milo bowl using laser tool for thickness, lacquer finish.
Ken Obenski – Avocado (side grain)  with a lot of CA to hold bark, finished with spar urethane and turtle wax.
Kelly Dunn – Kiln dried Spalted Tamarind. CA on bark and finished with polyurethane.
Jeff Machit – Hale Koa root finished with spray lacquer.
Ralf Soderberg – Juniper pencil box.
Kirby Fritchman – Koa limbwood, lots of CA to hold bark, finished with oil and wax.
Al Kober – Milo bowl finished with polyurethane. Very thin walls!
Steve Herbert – Milo bowl, Milo has cured for 7 years.

Challenge Winners:

  • Ken Obenski – Intermediate
  • Gary Beck – Advanced
  • Jerry Kotz – Master

Demonstration of wood carving by Jack Mise:

A hands-on demo with a variety of tools. Very thorough and informative.

Submitted by Kirby Fritchman

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