Minutes of August 2016  HERE!

Minutes from Betty Scarpino Demo

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No photos from August Meeting…Sorry folks  But I did receive photos for June so there’s that!

This table & a listing of all past winners can be found on the “Current Challenge Winners” page.


Photos from the June Meeting

Challenge Dan GerhartChallenge Gary Beck 1Challenge Gary Beck 2Challenge Gregg SmithChallenge Jack Mise Advanced winChallenge Jeff Machit 1Challenge Jeff Machit 2 Master winChallenge Kelly DunnChallenge Ken ObenskiChallenge Kirby Fritchman Intermediate winChallenge Ralf SoderbergChallenge Tom O'ConnorDemonstration Jack Mise 1Demonstration Jack Mise 2S&T Cliff JohnsS&T Dick WagnerS&T Ken ObenskiS&T Kirby FritchmanS&T Robert WoodwardS&T Shop cartS&T Tony Keeling

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