We welcome visitors to all our regular meetings.  Our goal is to share our knowledge with each other and to spread the joy of wood turning. There’s always something exciting happening at our meetings and having fun is paramount.  Let us know you’re coming by contacting us or just come on by and introduce yourself. We look forward to meeting you!

Welcome to the West Hawaii Woodturners website 


Redesigned for 2017, this new website offers some pretty nifty capabilities.  Sites and services in our Resources area is easier to navigate.  The Photo Library presents images in a way to quickly scan for that lost picture.  The Member Gallery presents your works and bio in an easier to view manner.  The site also sports a search capability along the menu bar to quickly find anything on the website.


Latest on our Website

Please check out the projects available on our RESOURCES page.  During the website design transition, I found some lost projects you may be interested in.  Some tidbits include a great demo presentation from Gregg, how to make a vacuum chuck and other goodies




Visit our Member Gallery to read a profile of some of our members and see some of their works.



Confused about WHW Challenges? Where you stand? What happened a year ago? Click the image below to understand all!